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The blood initiated Tyler into his hereditary powers as a werewolf. Elijah realizes a flaw in Finns magic. Please do not mourn me, whatever pain I endure, I do so in service of those I love. [41]Klaus in Bringing Out The Dead Davina gets even more angry and lashes out at Klaus with her magic. On June 20, Klaus sends Stefan a package with Caroline's scarf in it and a note telling him to meet him alone to the Old Francher Place. Bonnie Bennett appears and throws him across the ground. The moonstone coming into George Lockwood's possession. Klaus smiles and says "Hello, love.". Klaus was conceived through Esther's infidelity with a werewolf chief over at a time where her marriage with Mikael was struggling. Damon then appears and attacks Klaus with the white oak stake. After his resurrection, he kills Ethan, drinking his blood, and notices Elena. In the end he tells Katherine to go and give Damon his blood. Niklaus against his wishes, gives in and fulfills Marcel's desire to become a vampire. This one was angry, dark, doesn't feel safe, and doesn't know what to do about it. In the battle to save the baby from the witches Klaus kills Abigail but it is Marcel who rescues the baby. [123]Klaus after being attacked. Nevertheless, Rebekah has tried to protect the daughter of Klaus at all costs. Klaus then speeds away before Camille can respond. Camille says that Elijah loves him and he agrees with her, saying Elijah proves time and again, even when Mikael enlisted Elijah to kill him. [87]Klaus and Marcel standing together on the balcony, In House of the Rising Son, Klaus has stayed in New Orleans for three months. Klaus is the ultimate enemy … Elijah, being sensible as always, told Klaus his personal discomfort wasn't enough of a reason to put the world in jeopardy. [128]Klaus feeding on Camille. When he finds her she claims that it isn't true and he wants to believe her, but her face tells a different story and she begins to run. After Damon leaves, Bonnie tells him that he should burn in hell. In the epilogue, it is revealed that Meredith missed Ethan's heart and he is still alive with both of the Salvatore's blood and can complete the ritual as expected the equinox unknown to Elena and her friends. Klaus travels to the magic free zone with Hope and Marcel. He takes Monique for leverage to lure them out, but Marcel does not approve of his plan. He failed to capture Meredith who became half-human, half-vampire as a result, but got Cristian who became a vampire himself. Kol and Elijah wanted to kill him, while Finn and Rebekah wanted to spare him. Klaus cries while Killing Ansel. When Niklaus made his first human kill, his werewolf gene was activated and he became a vampire and werewolf hybrid, thus revealing Esther's infidelity. In the novels, it was never established if Klaus needed a ring to walk in the sun. Klaus went back to see Marcel, again wanting to know how he controls the witches. Klaus has also killed his biological father, a werewolf named Ansel, in TO, because Ansel knew Hope was alive and Klaus could not risk Esther finding out from him that his daughter is alive. He changes his mind after seeing Hope, and he introduces her to the supernatural inhabitants of New Orleans, thus revealing to them she is actually alive. Elijah tells Klaus to go to meet Rebekah, but Klaus convinces him to go instead, and makes Elijah promise to keep Hope safe no matter what. After that, the whereabouts of Klaus and his condition remain a mystery. Once he promised that nothing was going to harm her, Hope hugged him. As Klaus mulls this over, the curtains lift and Mikael announces he made some changes, sarcastically baiting he would love them. Rebekah comes home from her one night stand while Klaus sits sketching. He has a landscape painting hanging in the Hermitage museum and sometimes gives his paintings away to others for fun. They start to argue, with Marcel reproving Klaus of his controlling nature. During his search for a way to break the curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. Marcel suddenly walks in saying that he never thought it would come to this, but the Mikaelsons made the choice for him like they always do. Kieran does what they agreed to and Klaus asked Agnes how to undo the curse she placed on Hayley. Klaus knows that Rebekah will keep his daughter safe and he tells her that he trusts her with his daughter's life. But after he got into Kol's head, he finds out about the dagger Kol is making with Davina against him. Later, Klaus found his new vampire progeny feeding on women in the chapel. In the novels, Klaus is considered the most powerful and dangerous antagonist of the Original Series and of The Hunters Series. Klaus is believed to be the most hated and feared of all the Original Vampires and those who fear him are desperate for his approval. The siblings were in Chicago in 1922 where they met the vampireStefan Salvatore, whom Rebekah fell in love with. Which shows that he still cares about his little sister. If they are misrepresented. Elijah tells Klaus to host a Thanksgiving dinner. Aurora tells them that Rebekah is at the bottom of the ocean. Due to his long existence, Klaus has seen countless battles and is very experienced in battle. He has only been neutralized once with the gold White Oak Ash Dagger Kol created specifically for Klaus; Klaus is the first undead character to create a. Klaus only feeds his blood directly from the wrist to females, for males he drips his blood into a container. Klaus turned her into a vampire and instructed her on how to be malevolent and despotic. He spotted a guy with a day ring, which means he's inner circle, and asked him where Marcel was. In New Orleans, he had a father/son bond relationship with Marcel whom he works with in ruling New Orleans until Klaus discovered his treachery for bringing Mikael to New Orleans. His goal was to liberate his Werewolf side so he could sire his own super race of vampire-werewolf hybrids. He responds with that she only has enough to take out one of them. Rebekah answers saying that she is worried Klaus would bite her also if she were to voice her opinion, however Klaus states that he would never bite her and that his preferred method of punishment is a dagger. Klaus was angry that Marcel had killed her before he could find out what she'd wanted with him. Klaus was introduced to Katherine Pierce on his birthday. He comes to the witches' ceremony and presents Davina with a gift, for which she does refuse, and he apologizes for what he did to Tim, and she later accepts. Damon complies and Klaus sends Elijah with him. However, when Klaus and his siblings were invited to a party at Alexander's home, the members of The Five daggered them in their sleep. Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt follow along, anyway, against Stefan's wishes. Marcel knows he is jealous and snarls that it is his town, that he is the king. [65]Klaus ask Damon for advice. Klaus still has guilt and remorse for most of his actions, however, he still refuses to show it; but he only shows his remorseful nature towards Camille. Do you know what that means? He breaks free of his chains and begins to attack and slaughter the vampires around him. [54]Klaus in Italy. Along with his search for a way to break his curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. He asks her why she is telling him this and she replies "because love will make you strong". Knowing he cant get close to them and having no other choice Klaus goes home to get all the objects. However, Elijah reveals that Mikael, their father is still alive and Klaus asks who they should decide to kill first. Marcel answers with more questions asking "how are we in your home?" In Ashes to Ashes, Dahlia is performing a spell to link both Klaus and herself together so that Dahlia can bypass having to sleep for 100 years. I've never died. Klaus is doubtful at first, as he knows his little brother to be a con artist. He had tears and anger in his eyes. Marcel chose that moment to take vervain. After that he arrives to the city of the dead, demanding that his mother will stop the spell, but she refuses, saying she broke a deal with Mikael; so he can kill Klaus himself. To prevent Hayley from trying to stop him, he snaps Hayley's neck, after telling her that he does trusts her, but he does not trust Jackson. He then tells Elijah he healed Thierry, and that Marcel thinks he is on his side again. Caroline brings out Klaus' humanity. This would reveal that Klaus was not Mikael's son, and she feared Mikael would kill them for her unfaithfulness and betrayal. After becoming an Original Vampire and werewolf hybrid upon triggering his werewolf gene, his amplified temper and emotions, along with the psychological damage of Mikael's cruelty, turned Klaus into a violent and cruel person, much like his step-father Mikael. Elijah's words don't pacify him and he continues to deny the pregnancy and that it will not give him power, and that he isn't willing to be manipulated by the witches. He gets a text and is about to leave when Rebekah asks where he is going, he tells her is going to have drink with Marcel. This makes him the second Mikaelson, beside Mikael to ever physically harm Dahlia. When he doesn't agree, Stefan kills Mindy by decapitating her. Klaus say that currying witch's favor does not concern him. Later Marcel brings him to a van with Josh and Tina inside. Later, over Rebekah's body, Kol gives Klaus the White Oak Stake. Klaus knew Rebekah has the last dagger and some white ash, and he wanted it so he could put Kol back in a box. In the books, she was his students, then he turned her and controlled her's mind, drives her insane, cruel, sadistic, cold, unstable, and murderous. After all, everything Kol has ever wanted was his family to care about him. Jeremy said Klaus would never get the cure then for Elena to make more hybrids. Thanks to Davina's help Klaus finds Mikael and tries to convince him to join forces to protect their daughters. Hayley Marshall (born on June 6, 1991; Andrea Labonair) is a werewolf who is described as "gorgeous, but tough as nails and also very protective". In theSeason Three finale, Elijah bargained for his half-brother's body back and was clearly devastated by his "death". While Caroline is searching for Matt, she is reunited with Klaus. Klaus simply looks at him and says "you" before quickly shoving a dagger into his chest. She then releases him and gives him Papa Tunde's Blade. Kol tries desperately to reason with Marcel but he grabs Kol and bites his neck then throws him. Along with Klaus' trusted witch, Maddox, Isobel made Katherine believe that Klaus was willing to pardon her if she delivered the moonstone and the doppelgänger to him. Klaus was later resurrected by Ethan Crane using the blood of vampires descended from him through Changing. Elijah said Klaus could outrun Silas if he had to, and that naturally made Klaus think of Katherine. Klaus feeds each of them his blood and kills them, believing this will turn them into hybrids. Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus is visited by Damon who reveals that he knows about Hayley and wants to talk to her. Klaus befriends him to find out his weaknesses so he could destroy him. He made an exception when he sired Marcel and let him drink from his wrist before killing him. Klaus takes her back to his house, after talking a lot Klaus received a call form Rebekah, he tells Hayley that the vampire lurking around to kill her is dead. A while later he goes to the woods where he meets his real father again. On present day Klaus and Elijah are talking about the sire lines when they find a dead body with a letter form Aurora. Marcel responds by saying if he is so strong why did he run from New Orleans, this enraged Klaus and jumped from the balcony and punched Marcel in the face. This continues but Marcel stops the fight, then he picks up the coin and pledges his allegiance to Klaus; after Rebekah tells him it is the only way to stop him killing everyone. Klaus says that maybe they have more in common than they thought. Klaus, however, realized what the child could do to his life and saved them, suggesting that he cares about his family. Klaus them proceeds to tell Cassie how terrible and insane Esther was. As the baby's birth approached, Klaus became more and more protective of both her and Hayley. This could be due to not wanting Caroline to hate Tyler, however, it is very likely that he just wanted to keep his child's existence a secret as much as possible, as Klaus has made many enemies over the years, (until his child is old enough to protect herself). He talks to Cami and he begs her to drink human blood because he doesnt want to lose her. He bites her neck and feeds from her until she falls onto the ground, lifeless. Their argument is overheard by the party intended to overhear it: Tyler Smallwood, who shows up and changes into a werewolf to attack Meredith. After some time, it was Aurora's birthday, and he brought her flowers. Revealing that he missed her heart, he asks her what she wants. He thanked her for her help. Klaus finds out that Lucien is with Cami. Tyler refuses to admit any involvement until Stefan feints with the ax. Klaus and Marcel later have a talk involving Thierry. Caroline asks whether he had ever thought to talk it out with his father, but Klaus insists his relationship with his father was far more complex than her relationship with hers. When she returned home that night, she found a hand-drawn picture of her and a horse, from Klaus. Klaus tells Camille that Mikael came to Elijah and wanted him to help Mikael to kill Klaus. Rebekah informs Klaus that he never actually understood why Elijah cared for him and Klaus admits that he's in the wrong. But Sophie said he was born a werewolf -- magic made him a vampire. He did however, manage to stab Klaus through the chest. [195]Elijah and Klaus Mikael was inordinately hard on Klaus, having become an aggressive, violent, and strict man after he thought Freya died, always trying to teach his children to survive so he would not lose another child. Behind Elijah and Kol. Only when Elijah appears, they decide to run, that it was too late to save Marcel who Mikael was feeding on. Kol called Klaus at that moment. I write to tell you I love you, and to explain that in our family's darkest hour, I was called upon to save my siblings, and so I did. Klaus is about to kill Bonnie, who is vainly trying to shelter Stefan with her body when Bonnie suddenly calls upon Elena. He does as his brother asks and after he says that it is much like him to spoil his fun Elijah attacks and kills Agnes. However he is stabbed with the blade by Lucien. Over the centuries Klaus has become a recluse who confides in and trusts only the members of his inner circle. When Marcel has finished he goes to celebrate with his buddy's and spots Klaus in the corner of his eye. He gets impatient waiting for Alaric's alter-ego to fess up and eventually kills him to speed up the process. Klaus is reborn by Ethan Crane. Rebekah then bursts out saying that death is too good for him. Despite being manipulative, he does not like being lied to or manipulated. When she finds out in the Season Four premiere that he was still alive, their relationship started to completely and totally fall apart when he chose to save Caroline over his own half-sister. Unfortunately Davina's spell works and Klaus gets unlinked from his sireline. She blows some magical dust on him. [145]Klaus at Davina's cabin, In Live and Let Die, Klaus is seen listen in on Cami's conversation with Davina, and then finds out where she is hiding. So he left in a hurry to finish his business with his step father. He asks Damon where the last one is and he threatens to rip out his heart, but Damon reminds him that the fourth coffin is leverage and Klaus wouldn't kill the person that knows where it is. Klaus calls him pathetic and a "sentimental fool" as Elijah tries to mention family once more. He continues to tell the story and tells Camille that Elijah refused Mikael's offer and said he would always stand by his brother and as a reward Mikael stabbed him with a piece of wood. Cami shows and asks Klaus to tell Lucien to stop murdering people in New Orleans. Cassie stops him and questions him, but Klaus is offended, as she called him by his full name. They lead him to the ruined church and threaten to amputate a limb, which will have the effect of destroying his werewolf abilities, unless he tells them what he knows. 3x20 KLAROLINE "I Don't Have To Prove Anything Love, I Am The Alpha Male" - Duration: 1:47. [126]Klaus looking for Rebekah, Rebekah soon stops and Klaus comes down the stairs and reveals that he is no longer going to dagger her, he will use the blade on her and he describes what it's effects are, she tells him to do it. In the books, Klaus was the one who transformed Katherine into a vampire, in the TV series, it ended up being Rose who played the part, and Klaus and Katherine's back stories have been completely changed from the books. Rebekah and Klaus are later seen in a box at the Theater, and Rebekah heads towards the lobby to find Marcel. Rebekah asks how extreme the faction is and brings up that Elijah is talking to Davina. Klaus has a man pinned to wall in a chokehold. Knowing that with one dose, they wouldn't be using it on Klaus, Tyler decided to flee and go into hiding, knowing full well that Klaus would kill him the moment he was free. And if bringing everyone at the table is the problem, then he should just remove the table and throw a party. Klaus has also shown a sadistic side notably when he deals with humans or vampires who have crossed him, such as Elena, Damon and Katherine (his sadistic nature is often mistaken as psychotic) however, Klaus' hunger for power actually hides a deep fear of being alone which must stem from his step-father's treatment of him. Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus is then spends time with Hope, and Hayley interrupts him, saying it's time for them to light the bonfire. He then compelled Tim to forget ever meeting him and Davina that night and tells Davina that she owes him a favor. Klaus then leaves, and finds Aurora and Cami in St. Anne's Church talking about him. It's revealed she has possessed Lenore and Elijah wonders if they weren't the only ones she was trying to get to that night and then they go to where Hayley is. To prove his point, Stefan forces Elena to drink his blood. It's the decency of merciful lies". Klaus is telling a caterer to skip the salad and picks a wine before dismissing him, while Hayley walks in. She then grabs Freya and they leave. [101]Klaus talking with Sophie, In Sinners and Saints, Klaus grabs Sophie and brings her to his house accusing her of breaking their deal by letting Hayley be attacked by witches. But he got speared by a guard before he could get to him. He is saying that it's the mark of the Phoenix Sword, and reprove Stefan for making an enemy out of Rayna Cruz. During the ritual he sees Mikael's blade that went missing when Klaus was a boy and Mikael beat him half to death because he believed that he had stolen it, and he should have known that Rebekah had taken it as she was so kind to him the weeks after the beating. [37]Klaus telling Stefan to turn off his humanity. Klaus then finds Cami in a bar and gets her a drink. Klaus tells Jackson he counts on the werewolves sense of family unity to protect his, Klaus werewolf bloodline can be traced back to the beginning of werewolf history. Also as an untriggered werewolf, Klaus had the aggressive behavior of one, but he could not act on it due to his mother making him wear a magical necklace, created to weaken his strength and thus leaving him vulnerable to Mikael's abuse. Both of them have a short conversation about Cami andHope while Davina watches. Klaus is upset that his friendship and family bond with Marcel had ended, as he understands Marcel's anger and vengeance, however, (silently) he cannot make excuses for his ex-best friend's behavior, the look on Klaus' face moments before Marcel stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade; clearly indicates that he plans to make Marcel suffer for his treachery against him and his half-siblings. Klaus talks to Cami telling her how she is putting herself in danger. Klaus seems terrified as he sees his older brother towering over him. He is prevented from killing him by Hayley, who tells him that she trusts Jackson. After Esther is killed, Klaus states angrily that Esther will never be able to stop him and that he will continue to live.

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